10 Tragic Selfies Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck


#8- The Last Happy Selfie

Welcome to the new era of selfie mania where every activity ends up being posted on the social media. This woman named Courtney Stanford in North Carolina posted that she was feeling happy while driving but she also needed to post a selfie to prove that she was actually happy. So while proving it, her car veered across the centre of the road and hit a truck with a head-on collision just before smashing into a tree. She died on the spot on April 26th, 2014.

#7- Lived Together Died Together

Cabo da Roca is considered as the most romantic place in Western Europe where the continent meets with the storming waters of the Atlantic ocean. Visiting it and not taking a selfie is literally considered as a sin! Most of the people who visit this place try to take a cliche shot. One Polish couple decided to make their Facebook friends envy their life and decided to pose on the edge of the grovel and pushed the envelope. They contributed in enriching the list of death while taking selfies. The two fell hundreds of meters to their deaths right in front of their children.

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