20 Celebrities Who Have Aged Horribly

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Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer was born in 1959. He was known as a Hollywood golden boy back in the 80s after filming Top Gun(1986).

Kilmer still is active and is making films over the years, and in 2010, he packed on a lot of extra weight. Shortly the internet started to bash him on his weight, he quickly dropped it by eating healthy and regular exercise.

“I have been urged by friends to post something about my perfect health and weight loss. Can’t win in this crazy town. Too heavy for too many years and now gossip says, too thin! But I’m preparing as most of you know, for my dream role, Mark Twain in a film I’ve written and will direct about his obsession with Mary Baker Eddy. Mark Twain was a thin man, and finally after the usual amount of effort, I’m thin again too. Perfect health. Having a ball with my kids over the holidays, making art while doing rewrites, meeting actors and preparing to direct my film, and of course shopping. Have to go back to wearing a hood again while out in the hood. Can’t win in this crazy town but as Chris Penn used to say with such a Devils grin, ‘If you got the game then you don’t need the fame.’”

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