The Net Worth Of These 15 Celebrities Is Unbelievable

15. Dave Grohl – $225 Million

The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer smells more like money than teen spirit these days.

It might seem strange at first that somebody could make Mitt Romney money by playing in a rock band, but Dave Grohl is one of the most active (and wealthiest) musicians of his generation.

In addition to playing for sold-out stadium crowds with his band, the Foo Fighters, he’s also made albums with Queens of the Stone Age, Tenacious D, and his metal side project Probot.

Oh, and he was the drummer for a little band called Nirvana. You might remember them.

Thanks to his publishing rights, record residuals, and sheer output, Dave Grohl has managed to tuck away $225 million — more than any of the members of Metallica and Led Zeppelin.

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