20 Plus Size Models Hotter Than Kate Upton


Kate Upton is a beautiful young woman. Talented and extremely accomplished, she is one of the best-known and highest paid people in her profession today while receiving opportunities to branch out into things like acting. Fantastic at what she does for a living, that may play a part in the supreme amount of confidence in herself that she seems to exude in every picture. On top of that, she has curves in all of the right places and seems happy to wear clothes that show off what she is working with, which is always going to be well-received by many.

That said, considering that Kate’s job relies entirely on her looks–deservedly so as she is gorgeous–it left us reflecting on several other models whose looks appear to fly under the surface a lot. Included in that list of people that we’re surprised don’t receive more attention are some that arguably are even more attractive than Ms. Upton, who seems to be the talk of the town. We have no interest in deriding how anyone looks–least of all, this popular young model–but we do want to celebrate the looks of some women we feel go underappreciated by some. That is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty models that are hotter than Kate Upton.

In order for someone to be considered for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be well-known as a model at least by a sizable group of people. Next, they need to be seen as curvier than most of today’s models, who are often stick thin. Additionally, that person doesn’t have to be a household name. That said, we included glamour models among those we considered. The only other requirement is that she needs to be attractive enough for us to feel that she’s actually hotter than Kate Upton. Finally, we want to make it clear that we realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone may not agree with our choices. However, we do feel that there is a strong argument to be made.

20. Denise Bidot

A plus-size fashion model from Miami Florida, Denise Bidot broke ground when she was the first woman of her size to walk the runway for two straight size brands during New York Fashion Week. Chosen to represent major companies like Nordstrom, Forever21, Target, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, and Macy’s, she has been steadily employed in the industry for years. Also a part of several TV shows, including nuvoTV’s Curvy Girls and HBO’s Habla Women, one of Denise’s greatest strengths is the body positive image she espouses. Someone with a bountiful chest and booty, to say the least, when you then factor in her gorgeous face, she surpasses the looks of Kate Upton in our book.

Source: therichest

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