Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas

8. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are lovely flowers that come in different shades ranging from pink, purple, light blue etc. it is still available in green and white and a stem or two of these flowers can fill up a bouquet. They are as well used as a centerpiece and give an elegant look to wedding table arrangements. Hydrangeas can also be beautifully used on wedding cakes or can be made the theme of the entire wedding and reception too.

7. Peony

Peony is a bright color flowers with a strong fragrance and can make very cute and nice bouquets. Its large full head makes it also suitable for centerpiece and any other flower arrangements. It is available in different colors that you would want to choose from depending on the theme color of your wedding. If you are not a strongly scented flower lover then Peony should not be in any of your flower choices as its scent is quite strong. This flower is a seasonal one and itavailability depends on the season. Its price is high due to this factor.

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