10 Famous People you didn’t know Hated each other

The human being has a vivid set of emotions. Circumstances will augment certain feelings and emotions while the others would take a backdrop position in their life. Hatred is a common emotion no matter how negatively it is perceived. In the world of glam and fame, it is very natural to hate colleagues, counterparts, competition and those you deem are better. We have compiled a list of ten pairs of famous people hated each other. They don’t pair up for love or friendship rather it is the hatred that makes us take their names together.

10. The Jaw Makers

Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss

Jaws, the famous thriller involving killer sharks fascinated us throughout our childhood. Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss and two famous people who hated each other and their animosity began on the set of Jaws. According to the story, Shaw expressed desire to quit his dependency on booze and Dreyfuss responded by throwing Shaw’s drink out of the window. Shaw spent the rest of his time on shoot bullying Dreyfuss. Although they ended up producing the epic thriller, maybe their animosity was the reason why we were able to tell that the shark was plastic!

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