10 Famous People you didn’t know Hated each other

1. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

In 1996, during the filming of Romeo and Juliet the 16 year old Claire Danes reportedly hated the pranks that DiCaprio played on the cast and crew. She found her 22 year old co-star immature while DiCaprio thought that she was too uptight. Rumour has it that they did not talk to each other except when they were filming the scenes. Although it sounds pretty much like any normal couple, how it didn’t affect their on screen chemistry is surprising. They hid the anger and hatred quite well in the scenes possibly mumbling “hate you,” and “hate you too!” to each other while kissing. Who knows!

Working with people that you do not like is very hard but when you pretend to like people that you really hate, it is called “acting” and being the most difficult thing- this is what the stars are paid big bucks for. Imagine expressing your love to the person you have hated all your life and then kissing them on the set, for the camera to capture it, and letting it throw it to your face for the rest of your life. Worth three million dollars eh?

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