Here are The 10 Most Popular Disney Princesses. #6 Cinderella

1. Belle

Yea that surprised us too! Belle is the most favourite amongst Disney princesses because she doesn’t want a prince. Her names means beauty and yet she asserts the nerd in her despite the whole town making fun of her. Why people think beautiful ladies should only care about dressing up and fashion is something that we have never understood. People who read and try to gain knowledge look beyond the material things in life like Belle who rejected the handsome but arrogant guy for the kind hearted beast.

She is the only Disney princess to have Hazel eyes and is supposed to be 17 years old. She shares her live action model with Ariel and she shares her dance with Aurora in Sleeping Beauty (it was created with the same cells by the animators). Also, she is the second princess from a non-royal descent (after Cinderella). Belle has a character depth that no other princess in Disney does. Her character draws inspiration from Jo in “Little Women” and “the little wisp of hair that falls on her face” shows that she was not perfect.

In case someone is wondering what criteria this list is based on- it is popularity. How we judged popularity? Through an online survey. Based on a total of 11,000 votes, the princess with the most votes comes to the top while the one with the least goes at the bottom.

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