10 Reasons, Why Hollywood Won’t Cast These Actors Anymore

Once towering celebrity statuses of fans can be ruined easily in the world of showbiz. They are equally likely to fall out of the public graces as they are likely to rise to stardom on immense public demand. A couple of flops at the box office, some personal problems or just deciding to take some time off the screen- together this sums up the formula for life in the cold shadow for the once-celebrities. This list carries 10 names that Hollywood won’t cast anymore, along with the reasons.

10. Hayden Christensen

Disliked Celebrities Hayden Christensen

For Hayden Christensen not being cast anymore, all the reasons can just be put down into two words: the prequels. He owes much of his fame to Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes 1 to 3 even though the series has been panned all over the world for many things. Christensen had been doing some of the best work that his career offered between shooting for the trilogy but nobody bothered about that. People around the world were too overwhelmed about the Star Wars and his performance in that.

Even Christensen himself said that he owed much of his fame to the series. He took some time off, although he was aware of the potential risks, bought a farm and got married. He also has a kid that could learn from his father about trying to “claw his way back into the field” which Christensen tried to do through 90 Minutes in Heaven in 2015.

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