10 Things You Might Wanna Know About Tom and Jerry

5- Jasper and Jinx

In their initial airing, in 1940, Tom was actually called Jasper and Jerry was referred as Jinx. I know that’s a horrible thing to mention as we can’t have any other name for them except Tom and Jerry. It’s unthinkable.

4- Controversies

All famous projects come with controversies so why not this. Tom & Jerry featured racial stereotypes such as blasted faces with big lips and pony tails resembling black people or the poor black maid who speaks in a typical black accent. However, these parts were later censored and the character was dubbed. Other controversies include showing violence, glamorization of smoking and cannibalism. Can you recall any cannibalism though?

5- Spin-off, no spin-off

Tom and Jerry also had its own spin off series. It was created in 1950s and featured the adventures of the bulldog Spike and his son Tyke who were seen in Tom & Jerry episodes quite often. Unfortunately, the series ran for just two episode because the studio closed.

4- The acting Prequel

The series were renewed in the 1990s which acted as a prequel to the series. It focuses on the early years spent with each other by Tom & Jerry. Though both of them seem to look quite young, they still possess those sadistic tendencies to take pleasure while tormenting one another!

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