15 Things Your Parents Lied To You About (With Picture)

We finally realize the truth here are 15 Things Your Parents Lied To You About (With Picture) How many of these lies did your parents use on you? And how old were you when you actually stopped believing them? Read the list and refresh your memory on some of the childhood non-truths that mommy and daddy told you. join me and laugh.


15. Drinking Coffee Will Stunt Your Growth


Mommy and daddy would tell us that something with such a sweet, sweet taste would stunt our growth and then turn around and drink it right in front of this. This lie was one of the more believable ones especially if you had a short parent who used themselves as an example. Coffee actually has nothing to do with your height but when you’re a parent and your kid wants to drink coffee, you have to come up with a good reason to say no or you get bombarded with “why?”. Well now that we are grown up, we can drink it all we want.

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