The 25 best series on Netflix: You should know these top series!

In our list you will find the 25 best series in alphabetical order currently running on Netflix. We do not limit ourselves to original series only. You can also find shows from other TV channels coming to Netflix in Germany. For this we omit older classics like “Breaking Bad”, “Lost” or “Hannibal”, which have been completed for years.

“Alias ​​Grace”

Genre: drama, miniseries
Length: 1 season

alias grace

Based on the eponymous novel by feminist author Margaret Atwood, the mini-series tells the story of housekeeper Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), who is convicted of murdering her host. A young neurologist (Edward Holcroft) is to determine whether she is really guilty or suffering from a mental illness. But Grace is smarter than you might think at first glance. Soon one wonders who has control over whom.