The 28 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time (With Photos)

1/ Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – On any list of paused moments, you have to include Fast Times. When Phoebe Cates exits the pool in her skimpy red bikini, only to remove it completely, every single tape stopped.


2/ Basic Instinct (1992) – A decade later, Sharon Stone proved it wasn’t just topless scenes that got paused. When her character crosses her legs during an interrogation and revealed more than just an underwear line, the movie made history.


3/ Scanners (1981) – David Cronenberg started off his legendary decade with this mystery horror film surrounding psychic powers. At one very infamous moment, a young Michael Ironside makes a man’s head explode with his powers. It happens so quickly and gruesomely that people had to watch again.


4/ Cabin in the Woods (2012) – While the scientists are betting on the outcome of the protagonists, a white board is filled with lists of monsters and bad guys behind them. Viewers stopped it time and again to read what other kind of weird creatures the lab had planned.


5/ Wizard of Oz (1939) – The background of one scene in the timeless classic has caused much controversy over the years. It appears as if one of the munchkins has hung himself, but the official story is that it’s just a bird.