Actor replacements that fooled us all

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Most of us are used to the idea of an actor getting a role and, you know, acting the part. We’ll accept a stunt double for scenes where the actor needs to jump out of a plane, fight a venomous snake, or kiss Ricky Gervais. But for the most part, if we’re watching Gary Busey, we want to see Gary Busey. (Wait, why do we want to see Gary Busey again?)

Anyway, as it turns out, despite how much we think we’re paying attention to the movie or or TV show that’s playing right in front of our dumb eyes, we’re not actually always watching who we think we’re watching. Even crazier, this kind of thing happens much more often than we realize. There have been plenty of times when actors were swapped out, and those of us in the audience never even noticed. Hold onto your hats everyone…this is about to blow your mind. Or, at the very least, mildly surprise you while you read this when you should be working.