Amazing Sleep Hacks That Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

Some things that you do during the day may help.

Avoid eating spicy food, cutting down on coffee and soda, and try not to drink a lot of liquids in the evenings either.

Try relaxing while getting ready for bed.

Relaxing and breathing exercises can help get you in a sleepy mood.

Expectant moms go through a lot of changes in the body. Be kind to yourself.

Pregnant women often complain of feeling out of breath. Respiratory rate increases to makeup for the extra oxygen required for the fetus, uterus, and placenta.

A woman’s heart is working extra hard to accommodate the new life growing inside.

Sleeping on your back puts pressure on the aorta. It also affects the inferior vena cava which can compress the return of blood to the heart from the legs and feet.

Lying on the back may only work for the first trimester. It begins to become a challenge as the pregnancy progresses.

Blood flow to the placenta and fetus may also be affected. During the second and third trimester, sleeping on your back may cause you to feel lightheaded and dizzy.