Amazing Sleep Hacks That Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Even if this is your favourite position, avoid it!

Sleeping on your chest puts pressure on the expanding belly as well as the breasts.

There is a way to alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy.

Follow the acronym SOS, sleep on the side. Ideally, you want to sleep on the left side since it keeps you and your baby the most comfortable.

Sleeping on this side improves circulation to your heart and placenta.

This side also reduce the weight and pressure being put on the liver. You are also helping the kidneys do their job of removing waste and extra fluids.

You can also use pillows to help you get more cozy and comfy.

Prop a pillow in between your legs. This also alleviates the pressure being placed on the hips and pelvis. There are various sizes available for sale. The longer the pillow, the easier it will be to get snugged.

You can always add an additional pillow to your right side to avoid rolling back.

Placing a pillow under the belly also helps to relieve back and neck pain from the pregnancy weight.

Putting an additional pillow under the legs can also help the lower body.

The aches and pain of swollen feet and ankles get a break when they are raised with a pillow.