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29 Amazing Vintage Photos

We often think of some of the most famous people in history as untouchable and only ever envisage them as they are shown in the public eye – however they existed before their fame and lived pretty normal lives.

They graduated, they raised families and some even saved lives.

From Barack Obama in high school to a baby faced Marilyn Monroe – here are some amazing photos that show the past of some of the most well known people throughout history.

Bobby Orr Flying resizeimage 10 1

No. 4, Bobby Orr. One of the most classic images in NHL history belongs to the Boston Bruins and their Hall of Fame defenseman. In overtime of Game 4 of the 1970 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Bruins were on the verge of clinching their first Cup since 1941, and Orr delivered.

Almost instantly after burying the game-winning goal, Orr was unintentionally tripped by a defenseman, sending him flying through the air. The famous photo, taken from behind the goal, would come to symbolize Orr’s career and the “thrill of victory.” This less-known angle shows the same moment from the vantage of center ice.


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