15 Dumbest Things Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Posted On Social Media

1. Wicked Witch of The West Laugh

We can handle all kinds of dumb stuff, but Danielle has one characteristic that absolutely takes the cake. When she starts laughing, she displays a high pitched cackle that can only be described as similar to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. If it were her normal laugh, that would be one thing, but this seems a little fake to us. When you mix the squealing cackle with some of the most random moments for laughing, you get an uncomfortable moment on any of her social media posts. To be fair, there’s some nice photos of her looking like a normal kid that have been posted. She should put more of that out there for the world to see and less of the attention seeking bad girl we’ve come to know.

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