Celebs Struggling With Drug Addiction (updated)

53. Chris Kelly

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly left the world of hip-hop in shock when he died on May 2013.

Investigators needed little time to figure out the culprit. Mac Daddy was well known for his many instances of drug abuse. A mix of heroin and cocaine proved fatal, as the musician had been brought home in an attempt to recover.

Chris Kelly was 34, and sources from his entourage confirmed he was planning a major comeback. It sadly did not happen. Even more depressing is the fact that his premature death came the same year when Kris Kross reunited after more than a decade.

Coping with the lost fame is never easy for a celeb. It was probably shocking for Chris Kelly to wake up in 2013, only to discover that gimmicks like wearing clothes backward no longer works.

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