Celebs Struggling With Drug Addiction (updated)

54. Courtney Love – Bad girl looks awful after her fix

Courtney Love is most likely the best example we have in illustrating the damaging effects of drugs.

We are far from suggesting Courtney was a saint before starting her fling with illegal substances. From stage fights with audience members to showing up intoxicated, Courtney is the quintessential bad girl of rock music.

It’s still a mystery whether drugs flicked the switched for Courtney’s craziness or if her personality made substance abuse inevitable. Whatever the case, fans still held her responsible for the death of Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain.

You will be relieved to know the artist finally made peace with her inner demons and adopted a more somber persona. The dark days of doing drugs appear to be over for the 52-year-old.

And that was about time! It would be very awkward to see a soon-to-be old lady acting like a foolish teen.

Coming up next, we have the “before and after drugs” photos of an actress that promised so much.

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