Celebrities Who Will Takes Everything Off For Money

29. Lindsay Lohan – I Know Who Killed Me

Lindsay Dee Lohan was making several intense career destroying mistakes during the time that her sad fiasco thriller-horror, “I Know Who Killed Me” was being released. Likely because of her second DUI arrest and controlled substances charges, resulting in an unwelcome media circus. She pulled out of a scheduled appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she was planning to promote her new film. This low-budget, psychological thriller was highly criticized and rated a 16 Metascore as “Overwhelmingly disliked” by 16 movie critics, and 112 unfavorable reviews.

One of the worst responses was that her pole dance was a cheap rendition of a Demi Moore wannabe. The fact is, no matter what language her reviews were written in, they were, on the whole, very painful to read. She won the Golden Raspberry Award, competing with herself, for first and second place for Worst Actress. A press release from entertainment industry executives said that it would be difficult for Lindsay to find employment until she could prove she was sober and reliable, with vague references to not being able to get her insured.

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