Celebrities Who Will Takes Everything Off For Money

2. Helen Hunt – The Sessions

Helen Hunt is portraying a real-life physical therapist named Cheryl Cohen-Greene. The nature of her therapeutic service required Helen to be without clothes all day during filming. The first day Hunt started getting to know the woman she was playing in “The Sessions”, she saw Cheryl jump into the shower as she had been working with a handicapped, 70 year old man. Even though Helen is a firmly toned fifty-year old, she is still not very confident working “au natural” in front of her co-workers, crew and knowing her friends and family, and the entire world can watch her once the film is released.

Hunts has received a nomination that could win her the second Oscar of her very productive film career. From “Pay It Forward”, to “What Women Want”, “As Good As it Gets”, and “Then She Found Me” she has an admirable selection of high-quality awards. In addition to her possible second Oscar, Hunt has won four Emmy awards, four Golden Globe awards, and two Screen Actors Guild awards.

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