Celebrities Who Will Takes Everything Off For Money

1. Kristen Stewart – On The Road

Things could be better described as more kaleidoscopic, than up and down, for Kristen since her Twilight Saga movies. There was that disastrous affair with a 42-year old, married director while on project, which some assume is why “Snow White and the Huntsmen” was chopped down into “The Huntsman”, as she was dismissed. Then she signed-up for “Focus”, in line with some steamy romance scenes with actor Ben Affleck.  He opted to withdraw stating conflict in scheduling, but when he was replaced with Will Smith, Kristen decided to drop out of the cast, stating the 44-year old was too much of an age difference. Wait… What?

Perhaps Kristen’s decision early on, to play the promiscuous 16-year old, Marylou in “On the Road”, was too much of a departure from her popular Twilight character. This is more believable than the assertions that she may have jitters about comedy, though Will Smith, in addition to being a seriously successful dramatic actor, his comedic, perfectly-timed delivery has always been a uniquely exceptional gift. It may well be that she knew she realistically didn’t have the stuff to pull it off.

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