Celebrities Who Will Takes Everything Off For Money

28. Angelina Jolie – Original Sin, Gia

Angelina Jolie portrays Gia Carangi, who moves to New York City to become a fashion model. She rises quickly into the forefront of the modeling frenzy and finds herself compromising her values. The kinds of parties she attends offer substances she has never tried before. Her make-up artist, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, are in a photo shoot together and things get out of control. They both lose their clothes and by the time the photo shoot has ended, they have found they are intensely attracted to each other.

Because Gia has made some wrong choices she is losing control of herself, she puts relationships in jeopardy and finally is given an ultimatum to stop her self-destructive behavior or lose her love. Her attempts to reconcile with her mother and girlfriend fail and instead of kicking her habits she begins spiraling down the rabbit hole. At the end, Gia finally manages to kick her demons but unfortunately by the time she has success and sobriety, she finds she has contracted HIV from using a dirty hypodermic needle.

It’s impossible to say, but it seems that the plot to the movie is darker and more realistic because of Angelina’s character being filmed in compromising circumstances. Perhaps if she had not made the professional choices she did, this film would not have the impact that it does as is.

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