Eight Things You Should Never Say to Fat People

Fat may just seem like a simple three letter word that’s harmless, but carelessly spoken, it could lead to a catastrophic outcome.
Saying someone is fat anyhow could a lasting effects of their physical and mental health. Overweight people have enough to deal with already without you being another source of pain.
If you want to know how to refer to people who have weight comfortably without hurting them, you are reading the right article.
Here are some things you should never say to a person who has too much weight.




Have You Lost Weight?

It is alright if the person you are asking if he/she has lost weight has actually lost weight. I find it very awkward if you are asking the person this question and the person hasn’t really lost weight. It could even become offensive. People don’t like it if their size is what you are using to measure their physical appeal.


I Care About Your Health, It’s Not Your Appearance

Maybe you have convinced yourself that the only reason you are concerned about your loved ones is because of their health and not necessarily how they look. But the fact that people still equate weight with health is honestly tragic. Research has shown that, not only are people born with different body types, it has also shown that we react differently with foods.


Your Life Would Be So Much Easier If You Would Just Slim Down a Little

As we talked about earlier, measuring beauty by someone’s body size, is saying to people that they might be faulty for looking the way they look. The way you say it might not be direct, but by simply implying that someone has to lose weight, you might as well be saying, ‘you look like a pregnant pig’.


Do You Gain Weight That Easily? I Wish Could Do That, I am So Thin

Understandably, thin people have their own struggles, but making the statement above, is still very offensive, especially i directed at people who have a lot of weight. And also, don’t try to sugarcoat your words by saying you wish you were as at as the person if you are thin.


Are You Sure That Will Fit You?

Telling fat people that is wrong for them to wear certain clothes because of their weight is a very wrong thing to do. If you have to do that, find a very smart and polite way to do that. At the end of the day, the person will not only feel loved, he or she will actually go out looking really good if your choice of clothes are actually good for her.


Watch Your Pet Names For The Person

It is generally not a cute thing if you call people by animal names, especially if these names are names of big animals. So it would not be a cool thing to call a person, a baby hippopotamus, as sweet as it might sound.


You Are Working Out, I Am Proud of You

Telling fat people to workout, even if you are complimenting them, is usually perceived as being highly offensive and inappropriate.


Fat Guys Are Healthy To Cuddle in winter

Now I myself, find this very offensive. It is wrong to imply to anyone that, instead of looking like a human being, they look like a stuffed animal whose usefulness is seasonal. I would advise you not to say this to a fat hot tempered person, so your eyes don’t become fat themselves.

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