Failed Celebs Who Lost It All And Work Normal Jobs Now


They may have left the screens, yet regardless we recollect them. Big name culture changes in a moment. One moment, you’re offering out stadiums or pressing film theaters and the following, you’re attempting to offer $30 headshots at traditions, telling any individual who will listen what a major ordeal you used to be. While you can’t simply anticipate a tumble from significance, shrewd celebs do their best to plan.

For stars who know exactly how rapidly knee damage can torpedo an athletic vocation or the individuals who come to acknowledge what a limited number of and far between parts for performing artists more than 35 truly are, a general employment begins to look quite engaging. These celebs have discovered their second (or third) acts from the spotlight and are in an ideal situation for it. Where are they now? Perhaps closer than you might suspect. They may be your child’s instructor or your Starbucks barista. Here’s a rundown of the VIPs who wound up with typical employments.


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The former Diff’rent Strokes star was a household name during the 70s and 80s but his fame slowly faded as the years went on. Before he passed away in 2010, Coleman was apparently working as a security guard. He was arrested and tried, receiving a 1-year suspended sentence and had to pay $1,665 for the medical treatments.