Game of Thrones Season 7, 10 Things that you Need to Know

4. Some things unreal

In the final episode of Season 7, everyone is catching up on everyone. 10 minutes into the finale, we see that every character that the audience ever cared about is now in the King’s Landing. They are part of a huge herd where everyone catches up on what has been happening behind their backs. Tyrion and Pod, Pod and Bronn, Brienne and the Hound and the news of Arya’s life and the Hound- all catch up! The meeting in the King’s Landing looks more of a global summit or a special reunion of friends than a meeting. However, we do give Dany ten points for arriving late and another five for doing so with an “impact” that expressed itself as, “I had three dragons BUT I still have two!”

3. Ghost just disappeared

Daenerys got to bring two dragons to King’s Landing but Jon couldn’t bring even one wolf. Many people have noticed that even if any of the characters chose not to bring that up. It is probably because the CGI for the direwolves was very expensive but they have been part of the Stark kids since the first episode and Ghost deserved to be present there. Just saying.

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