Game of Thrones Season 7, 10 Things that you Need to Know

2. The Game of Thrones behind the scenes

If you miss Game of Thrones Season 7 already (it has been two days after all) then HBO has arranged for withdrawing the farewell symptoms fro your life. It is another Game of Thrones related series with the name Game Revealed and the first episode is already up on You Tube. The craft and labor that went into making this epic series might just be the boost you need after one full season of incestuous romance and major character death blows. The other six episodes will only be available for HBO subscribers after the first one. Point to ponder!

1. The finale was the longest

The finale of the Game of Thrones Season 7 was the longest episode of the season and also the most action packed, finished with twisted happenings and incidents. It was a show looming with 80 minutes of nudity, betrayal and negative emotion where the now-protagonists get undressed hastily to shake a boat- a little too desperate don’t you think?! The old unhappy Game of Thrones however will make a splendid return after the game of vengeance is now back.

All in all, the whole series is basically an epic tale of power lust and greed coupled with the softer emotions of love and importance of family. The drama series is thick with all kind of negative emotion but at the same time the evil balloon is pinched with needles of lively happiness. It tells you how far humans can go for greed, sex and power and interestingly, it very righteously depicts the bad side of home sapiens. Although we would love to call it socially accepted porn- Game of Thrones has much more than that.

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