Health Benefits of Cashew Nut

Who doesn’t think about cashew nuts? We use them for the most part in desserts and kids love to eat them as they may be. Cashew nuts are loaded with enemies of oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are required for the ordinary working of the body. They really have a place with Brazil yet Portuguese got them to India the sixteenth century. The kidney formed or bean molded nuts have numerous medical advantages, a couple of which are introduced beneath: 

cashew nut

1. Prevention of Cancer: 

Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonols which battle against tumor cells by halting them to partition further. These proanthocyanidins and high copper content in cashew nuts help battle against dangerous cells and fends off you from colon malignancy. This is one of the significant cashew nut benefits. 

2. Sound Heart: 

Cashews contain low fat substance when contrasted with different nuts and that too in the oleic corrosive structure which is exceptionally sound for the heart. They are without cholesterol and cancer prevention agents present fends off you from heart infections. 

3. Brings down High Blood Pressure: 

Cashew nuts lower your pulse with the help of magnesium present in them. 

4. Helps Hair: 

Copper is the mineral which enables your hair to get that shading. So in the event that you take cashews which are brimming with copper content, you can get that dark hair that you generally wanted. 

5. Solid Bones: 

Like calcium, magnesium is likewise significant for bone wellbeing which is the primary substance in cashew nuts. 

6. Sound Nerves: 

Magnesium is put away on the bones surface which keeps calcium from entering the nerve cells and in this manner keeps the veins and muscles loose. Inadequate measure of magnesium can lead calcium to enter the veins driving them to contract. It additionally prompts hypertension, headache cerebral pain and so on. 

7. Averts Gallstones: 

Day by day admission of cashewnut can diminish the danger of creating gallstones up to 25%. 

8. Aides in Weight Loss: 

Despite the fact that cashew nuts are considered as fats, it contains great cholesterol. So in opposition to prevalent thinking, the individuals who eat cashews at any rate two times per week put on less weight when contrasted with the individuals who eat less. 

9. Enemies of oxidants: 

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Selenium, copper, magnesium and so forth go about as cofactors for some compounds. 

10. Helps Digestion: 

Cashew nuts help in development and advancement, nucleic acid amalgamation and processing.

11. High in Vitamins: 

Cashew nuts are wealthy in vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin and so on. These vitamins guard you from sideroblastic sickliness, pellagra, and so on.

12. Solid Gums and Teeth: 

As referenced previously, the magnesium substance present in cashew nuts is awesome for bones. So it gives solid teeth just as solid gums to hold them. 

13. Lovely rest: 

After menopause, these cashew nuts can give you loose and lovely rest during evenings. 

14. Free Radicals: 

Cashew nuts help our body to use iron appropriately and take out free radicals which cause medical issues. 

15. Macular Degeneration: 

Cashew nuts can channel Sun’s UV beams and shield us from macular degeneration. 

Since you realize the medical advantages of Cashew nuts, guarantee that you eat a couple of once consistently I am certain you as of now cherish them.

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Nutrition facts

Cashews, raw, 1 ounce (about 18 medium, whole cashews)

Calories157 calories
Carbohydrates9.2 g
Protein5.1 g
Fat12.4 g
Fiber1 g
Vitamin E0.3 mg
Vitamin K9.5 mcg
Vitamin B-60.1 mg
Calcium10.4 mg
Sodium3.4 mg
Potassium187 mg
Magnesium83 mg
Folate7 ug

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