Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth


Hiroshi Mikitani is the CEO and fellow benefactor of Rakuten, a Japanese internet business organization that has now ventured into numerous nations and hit worldwide success.

Hiroshi’s total assets is developing increasingly more consistently, so there’s very a great deal that can be taken in from his experience and his account of taking his neighborhood business world wide.

In 2019, Hiroshi Mikitani net worth is evaluated at $9 billion.

Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth

How much is Hiroshi Mikitani worth?

Net Worth$6.1 Billion
Date of Birth11 March 1965 (age 54 years)
ProfessionBusinessman, Investor, and Writer.
Last Updated2019

Early Life

Hiroshi Mikitani was born in Kobe, Japan.

In terms of what his family accomplished professionally, his dad Ryoichi was a financial analyst, and his mom Setsuko worked for a significant exchanging organization. Hiroshi likewise has two kin; a sister named Ikuko and a sibling called Kenichi.

There isn’t a lot other foundation data that can be found on Mikitani’s initial life; other than the way that he moved on from the Hitotsubashi college in 1988, and learned at the Harvard Business School in 1993 in the wake of moving to the US.

This was at the time he was working for the Industrial Bank of Japan.


Prior to the creation of Rakuten, there wasn’t much to Hiroshi’s career.

After graduating in 1988, he began working the Industrial Bank of Japan, and left 9 years after the fact to begin the Crimson counseling bunch in 1997. It was in that equivalent year that he established Rakuten.

It just demonstrates that Mikitani wasn’t the kind of individual to abandon organizations or occupations and move onto the next.

He worked at one organization for a strong nine years and after that went into business, which he constantly endeavored to continue onward and to succeed. Numerous other individuals would have surrendered whenever there’s any hint of trouble.


Rakuten was established in February 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani and a couple of other fellow benefactors, who collected 250,000 of their own cash so as to subsidize the startup.

Rakuten is a gathering comprising of more than 40 diverse business and administrations, contained inside the accompanying distinctive industries:

  • Online Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Securities
  • Media

Examples of a portion of these organizations are Rakuten.com, Play.com which is a moderately new obtaining for the UK side of the organization, Viber, Kenko.com and Aquafadas.

Rakuten was based distinctly in Japan until 2005, when it started extending and buying and building sub-organizations over the UK, Canada, US, France and Spain.

The two most recognizable and late speculations are the buying of Play.com for £25 million, and Viber for $900 million.

Rakuten now utilizes more than 11,000 individuals, a flat out walloping number of individuals; and their income is in the billions each year.

3 Business Lessons from Hiroshi Mikitani

Hiroshi recently wrote a short article on LinkedIn, about his tips for empowering an organization. Here’s what Mikitani said in the article he kindly shared with us:

1. Emphasize Teamwork

We demand employees work collaboratively to solve problems, and that helps to create a culture of empowerment.

To each individual, we say: You are not responsible just for yourself. You are responsible for the success of the team. Collaboration encourages individuals to give more to their team, and to expect more in return.

2. Allow for Failure

Business is different than sports. In sports, you only get a certain number of chances to succeed. If time runs out or you take three strikes, that’s the end. In business, you can swing as many times as you like.

But to keep employees swinging, leaders must constantly emphasize that we will accept strikes. Failure will happen. Accept that and employees are empowered to keep trying.

3. Prevent Chaos

Empowerment can’t mean letting everyone loose to do whatever they like. At Rakuten, one way we seek to guard against chaos is the rigorous use of KPI – key performance indicators. We measure everything.

We know how long it takes for projects to move through completion. We know how many engineers it takes to execute a change in the system.

We even know how long it takes for an employee in the lobby to reach the company meeting room on the 12th floor. To keep this group of empowered employees on task, we set clear and specific goals.


Hiroshi Mikitani is an incredible successful entrepreneur, with a net worth of $9 billion!

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