25 Images You Will Never Believe Are Real


21. Is That A Scene From Jaws?

This guy touches the snort of the great white, you will have to see this to believe it. I have linked the video below for you to see it for yourself… its unbelievable.


20. The plughole at the Ladybower Reservoir in the UK is a manmade hole that drains water during extreme rainfall to prevent overflow in the dam.


19. Men Against The Iron Horse

Men use ropes to try and pull down a supply truck overloaded with wheat straw, along a road in Dargai, in the Malakand district, about 165 km (100 miles) northwest of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.


18. The Human Truck Load

This image speaks volume, its how bad things have gotten in worn torn Somalia, these displaced refuges travel by the truck load to shelters