Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Net Worth:$8 Million
Born: December 22, 1993
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
meghan trainor net worth


Meghan Trainor is an American singer and songwriter. she has been recognized with several awards and nominations; including a Grammy Award, Music Business Association’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year accolade, and two Billboard Music Awards. All these nominations and awards was a s a result of her beautiful works.

As of 2019, Meghan Trainor’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Early Life

Meghan Trainor was born on the 22nd December 1993, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. She’s the middle child of the family and has two brothers, Ryan and Justin.

Trainor got interested in music from a very tender age and began writing her own music at age 11. Trainor’s family was a very musical family when Meghan was growing up, her family played a great role in her career as a singer, it was easier to choose a part knowing that her family is in support

She wrote her first song at age 13 and also played the trumpet in a jazz band for three years. she was encouraged by her parents at this tender stage to attend music conventions. At 15 years old she began learning the guitar.

In the early days, Meghan was using the Logic Studio program to produce and record her songs.


Meghan had already released multiple albums independently as a teenager, in 2009, she received her first award, for Best Female Artist.

She signed for Big Yellow Dog Music at the age of 17; fascinating name, right.

After high school, she traveled to different locations in the US; including Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City, to help write and produce music.

Trainor is most known for ‘All About That Bass’, it wasn’t produced until 2014. However, it quickly became a viral hit and sold millions of copies across the world. It’s still listed as one of the best selling singles of all time, it made her really popular.

Trainor was signed to Epic Records, she has made a very successful career for herself. She has released 3 studio albums, also been nominated for, and even won, multiple music awards for her work.

As of 2019, Meghan Trainor net worth is estimated to be $8 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Meghan Trainor’s career:

  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top Hot 100 Song (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top Digital Song (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Music Business Association – Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2015)
  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘Lips Are Movin”, 2016)
  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’, 2016)
  • Billboard Women in Music – Chart-Topper (2016)
  • Grammy Awards – Best New Artist (2016)
  • Japan Gold Disc Award – Best 3 New Artists (2016)

Favorite Quotes from Meghan Trainor

“I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I’m down for my first opportunity to say something to the world to be so meaningful. If you asked me, ‘What do you want to say?’ it would be, ‘Love yourself more.’” – Meghan Trainor

“Any body type is beautiful. It’s all about loving what you got and rocking it.” – Meghan Trainor

“I totally agree with equal rights and women’s causes, and most of my songs are woman-power, but I don’t want to be labelled at 20 years old.” – Meghan Trainor

“At 18, I got a publishing deal, so I was like, ‘I can do this for real and not go to college.’ When I was a teenager, my parents dragged me to a lot of songwriting conventions.” – Meghan Trainor

“I just think women should love themselves more than they do. Because I think – with all the social media stuff – we look at ourselves too much, and we just destroy ourselves when we’re way cooler than we know.” – Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor’s career has taken off since her debut single ‘All About That Bass’ was released in 2014.

As of 2019, Meghan Trainor net worth is estimated to be $8 million.


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