Motivational Quotes and Your Health

Whether in a life threatening situation or you just need a dose of energy filled words to get you up and kicking or you are trying to beat an illness, motivational quotes are a very healthy way to stay positive, fight depression and stress. Here are a few of them.



Act as though every action you take has a significant impact on the world

Here, we are reminded that every action we take in life is very important, regardless of where we are at the moment.

Always keep your head held high. This is the only way to take the world on

We have got to remain fearless even in the face of adversity. On tough people get whatever they want out of life.

Believe you can do anything and you are already well on the way to achieving your goals

In a world where people are faced with constant disappoints everyday, motivational words like this one helps you stay in the state of belief while you are working on your dreams. With this level of confidence, you have the world in your palm.

Always hold onto your dreams. Hold on tightly and never let them go

Many people attempt to give up on the way, accepting that their lives right now is how they will always be. However, there is nothing stopping you from living the life you have dreamed of. Hold tightly to your dreams and refuse to let go.

Whatever you are going through, keep looking for the light. Even if you are walking in the dark,there is always some light at the end of the tunnel

Everything in life that seems like a disadvantage has an advantage, all you have to do is look closer. There is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Life is very similar to riding a bike, to stay balanced, you have to keep moving

No doubt, life has got some tough times, times when you feel like giving up, staying put and let your worries overwhelm you. At times like this, it is those who keep on moving that reap the benefits of hidden sweetness.

It is one’s attitude at the start of a challenging task that determines what the outcome will be

Life has got a lot of toughness in it, but remember it those who are positive at heart make it to the easy side of life still healthy and strong.

Start limiting your use of ‘Never’ and ‘Always’

‘Álways’ and ‘never’ should be used sparingly, they are too definitive. Everyday presents a new opportunity, so be sure to to leave room for ‘maybe in your life.

The word ‘impossible’ still means ‘i’m possible’

Everyday, make sure you tell yourself that nothing is impossible. As long as you have the will to continue, everything is possible.

Be the rainbow that shines the light in someone else’s cloud

This quote is reminding us that sometimes we should look beyond our own problems and give others a helping hand. For me particularly, a special kind of joy comes into my heart when i do this. It is very soothing when you can put smiles on other people’s faces.

Happiness can’t be found, you must make your own happiness

There is no happiness outside of ourselves. It is all within us.

These short quotes from some famous intellectuals like Maya angelou, Amy poehler, Dr seuss, etc, are a sure way to keep yourself motivated and strong. Having a positive mindset like this, helps you stay healthy generally, it helps you keep depression and disease such as cardiac arrest at arm’s length.

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