The Net Worth Of These 15 Celebrities Is Unbelievable

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We all know that most celebrities have probably lost more money in their sofas than we’ll ever see in our entire lives. However, sometimes certain celebrities are way more wealthy than you think they are, with net worths that transcend the average famous person millions and into the stratosphere of wealth usually reserved for high-powered business people or oil magnates.

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking that maybe Kanye West or Kim Kardashian are on this list, given that they seem to love talking about their wealth more than their love for one another (at least they have enough money to pay for all the therapy North is probably going to need), but they aren’t. Not even close.

The following celebrities are so rich that they make the Kardashian-Wests look like 18th-century street urchins hoping that maybe, just maybe, this is the year that Mr. Scrooge sees the ghosts and rolls through with that juicy Christmas goose.

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