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Nick Woodman is outstanding as the originator of GoPro, a camera that is structured explicitly to help sports aficionados and thrill seekers get unfathomably clear and close up recordings. 

They’re frequently utilized in water sports, skydiving, biking, etc. Notwithstanding, they can likewise be utilized an a general camcorder and accompany a scope of accomplices to help fit in with the prerequisites of any extraordinary action. 

Nick Woodman’s net worth is presently an expected $800 million starting at 2019, which is somewhere around nearly $2 billion from quite a long while back; after GoPro offer costs fell essentially. 

Yet, how precisely did he concoct the possibility of the GoPro, and how could he figure out how to make it such a triumph? 

nick woodman net worth

How much is Nick Woodman worth?

Net Worth$800 Million
Date of Birth24 June 1975 (age 44 years)
Last Updated2019

Early Life 

Nick Woodman was conceived on the 24th June, 1975 and brought up in California, which was the place he went to college and accomplished his degree in visual expressions. 

The GoPro wasn’t the main business adventure of Nick’s; as he’d quite endeavored at structure two organizations previously. 

The first was called, a site selling electronic merchandise for unbelievably little markups. What’s more, the second was Funbug, a gaming site that permitted individuals the opportunity to win money prizes. 

Lamentably they were the two disappointments, however it gave Nick the experience he expected to prevail with GoPro. 

Establishing GoPro 

After Woodman fizzled with his initial two new companies, he chose to venture to the far corners of the planet to go surfing. 

During his surfing visit in Australia and Indonesia, he connected a little 35mm camera to his hand utilizing only an elastic band, so as to catch recordings of himself while surfing. 

Since numerous extraordinary games devotees like Nick Woodman are most likely not proficient picture takers, and had been battling to catch top notch accounts of their games exercises, that is the place where Nick’s motivation originated from for the GoPro. 

Nick’s thought was to make a belt that the camera could connect to, which would then append to your body. 

Despite the fact that, the primary structures of the camera concentrated on the wrist cameras which would be unfathomably valuable for anybody wishing to simple to use while having the option to utilize both their hands. 

Woodman had initially obtained a significant measure of cash from his folks so as to dispatch the GoPro. $35,000 from his mom, and $200,000 from his dad, to be exact. 

GoPro cameras have now turned into a wonder for anyone who’s into games or voyaging, and not exclusively are there wrist lashes, however chest tackles, head ties, water buoys and expanding posts. And so on.

5 Success Lessons from Nick Woodman

Forbes published a great article outlining 5 startup lessons from Nick Woodman himself. These five lessons from Nick are: 

1. Follow Your Passion

Woodman’s passion was to surf. He went travelling around the world to surf, and so he could clearly see a need in the market for easy to use cameras in sporting activities.

He came up with this idea simply from following his passion and knowing what people with similar interests to him would want.

If you follow your passion, you’ll be able to identify the possible needs of people that are interested in the same things as you, and you’ll understand more about your target market.

2. Fear Failure

Nick had already had two of his startups fail, and this experience really helped him out when founding GoPro. He was so worried that GoPro was going to end up like the other failed startups, he made sure he worked like crazy in order to make it a success.

It was this fear that drove him to putting 100% effort into GoPro, and made him push himself towards success.

3. Obsess Over Your Product

Nick was fixated on his idea on the GoPro and spent every single waking minute trying to improve upon the idea, sitting at his desk drawing out designs and such. Obsess over your product to make sure it becomes the best invention it could possible be.

4. Learn to Sell

Nick Woodman is a salesman, and over the years has taught himself how to chase and close deals. It’s one thing having a great product, but you need to have a great ability to negotiate and sell your products.

5. Evolve or Die

It took awhile for the GoPro cameras to get to the HD high pixel quality they’re at today. If they hadn’t been continuously evolving, they might have struggled to become the worldwide famous brand they are.

Favorite Nick Woodman Quotes

“It sounds cheesy, but if you are having fun, people will love your company, you will be more successful, and more ideas will come your way.” – Nick Woodman

“I can sell anything that I totally believe in, but I’m a horrible salesman of something I don’t believe in.” – Nick Woodman

“If I didn’t follow my passion for surfing… I would have never come up with the concept to make a wrist camera.” – Nick Woodman

“I get pretty focused when I start working on something. And I drink a lot of water, way more than most people.” – Nick Woodman


Nick Woodman is no longer a billionaire, but is still a huge success! Nick Woodman’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million in 2019.

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