Nicki Minaj Is Reportedly Pregnant And Spotted With Baby Bump

The 35-year-old rappers fans have found her absence on social media and in public a bit suspicious. Many believe Nicki is truly pregnant.

One fan tweeted, “When anyone releases an album there’s usually a few Tours involved, loads of traveling around the world to do interviews & lots of public appearances. @NICKIMINAJ is 100% pregnant. That’s why she hasn’t released the #NM4 album yet.”

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Another fan pointed out her mysterious absence lately was similar to Kylie Jenner’s actions when she was pregnant. The reality star did not confirm the pregnancy until after the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

The fan tweeted, “I think @NICKIMINAJ pregnant with @Nas Baby that’s why she’s so quiet… I put money on she’s pregnant. I called Kylie pregnancy and I’m calling this one.”

There are reports that Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Nas, would be thrilled if she was having his baby.

A source stated, “Nas’ phone has been blowing up today with friends congratulating him on his baby with Nicki which has him really freaking out. He would love to be Nicki’s baby daddy but he can’t see how it is possible.”

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The source adds, “It has been a while since he and Nicki have been intimate so she would have to be either really far along in her pregnancy or having someone else’s baby. Either way Nas is very emotional over the situation and reaching out to Nicki to get understand what is really going on.”

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