Remedies For Fighting Cold

Studies have shown that adults have about 2 to 3 colds within a year and that colds are caused by close to 200 viruses, for this reason, there is no really no specific cure for it.

So instead of taking antibiotics that are for bacterial infections, i have some trusted remedies that can help you get through those days of discomfort, you can’t do it overnight, things like staying hydrated, having enough rest and so much more are sure remedies for cold. Let me dive deeper.


Staying Hydrated

It is not really known if drinking a lot of water helps fight cold but i am very sure dehydration does you no good in situations like this. Our system needs water for proper functioning and to clear our systems of mucus, now you see how water helps?.

Drinking water helps in clearing up mucus in our throat. I would advise you to take a lot of chicken soup which has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to improve airflow resistance in the nasal passage, making it easier to breathe when you have a cold.

Also, warm water with lemon or honey and ginger added to can also be soothing when you have a cold.


A Spoonful of Honey

Studies have shown that kids who have a cold and are given a spoonful of honey, fair better at night. Honey has been found to be soothing for cough.


Saltwater Gargles

You can use saline solutions to relieve yourself of a stuffy nose and sore throat. Pour a salt water solution in your mouth, gargle at the back of your throat for some seconds and spit out, this gives you relief for a sore throat.

Note that kids under the age of seven are not fit for this method, as they tend to swallow the salt water solution.


Take a Zinc Supplement

Research on zinc supplements have been known to reduce the duration of cold in our system. But don’t forget that, too much intake of zinc has nausea and bad taste in your mouth as side effects


Pain relief drugs

Cold has been known to have body aches and headaches as  “side dishes”, that is where pain relievers like ibuprofen come in. These pain relievers help in fighting some of the symptoms of a cold. But pain relievers are not suitable for kids under 18 due to risks of a condition called Reye’s syndrome.



This may seem like a useless remedy, but it isn’t. Giving your body the time it needs to heal by resting and sleeping can help you heal faster and better. But do not forget what Proverb 20 vs 13 says: do not be a lover of sleep, or you will become poor, keep your eyes open and you will have bread.


Now my guess is, your prolonged cold might be as a result of the following reasons.



Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. You only end up killing healthy bacteria in your system. So antibiotics are not remedies for colds.



The best time to avoid smoking is at times when you have a cold. Smoke irritates the lungs making you cough more. Also, avoid chemicals like kerosene.


My best advice? Make sure your hands are washed always and always cover your sneezes and coughs to make sure you don’t spread it




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