Rick Ross Net Worth

Net Worth$40 million
Date of Birth28 January 1976
Last Updated2020


Rick Ross Net Worth, How did the American rapper, producer and CEO amass his wealth? Read on to find out more about Rick Ross Net Worth and his career.

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Rose Early Life

He is an American rapper, producer and CEO. After Rick Ross graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School, he attended the historically black college Albany State University on a football scholarship.

Rick Ross Career

William Leonard Roberts II was born on the 28th of January, 1976 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S. Prior to the success of his music career, Ross briefly worked as a correctional officer in Florida which was understandingly embarrassing for someone in the street-cred-obsessed world of hip-hop like Rick Ross. 

He also had trouble with the law in a more traditional sense – he’s been arrested for guns and drugs, and has also faced lawsuits from various other people in the music industry. Ross has also had highly public feuds with fellow rappers like 50 Cent. 

However, you don’t make millions of dollars simply by feuding with other rappers but in Ross’ case, he needed to release several top-selling albums to make it to the top. In 2006, he released his first album ‘Port of Miami’. 

Ross has since released six more studio albums but despite all the controversy surrounding the authenticity of his persona or his ‘gangsta’ credentials, he will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

Rick Ross Net Worth

As of today, Rick Ross Net Worth is $40 Million. Rick Ross Net worth is acquired from his career as a rapper, producer and CEO.

Rick Ross Career Earnings By Year:

2007 – $2 million

2008 – $3 million

2009 – $6 million

2010 – $5 million

2011 – $6 million

2012 – $9 million

2013 – $6 million

2014 – $7 million

2015 – $9 million

2016 – $10 million

2017 – $11 million

2018 – $4 million

In 2009, rival rapper 50 Cent appeared on the Ed Lover morning show with a copy of Rick’s financial breakdown obtained during a child support case which revealed that Ross’ true financial status was different from the image he liked to portray. 

Rick claimed to own three cars: A 2004 Maybach worth $55,000, a leased 2007 Cadillac Escalade worth $30,000 and a 2006 Infinity Q56 worth $30,000. Rick Ross also claimed that he owned $45,000 worth of jewelry which would have to mean that all the Jewelry he wore in his videos and on TV were either fake or borrowed. 

His monthly mortgage payments totaled $9,700 and Ross claimed every month he actually spent $7,000 more than he earned. Luckily, Ross is not having those kinds of money problems anymore!


William Leonard Roberts II is a rapper, producer and CEO. Before his breakthrough in music, Ross briefly worked as a correctional officer in Florida. He has since released six more studio albums. 

As of 2020, Rick Ross’ net worth is $40 Million.

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