Shea Butter and Its Benefits

Shea butter is gotten from a tree called shea tree whose botanical name is ‘Butyrospermum parkii’. This tree grows in the savannas of africa. The paste, which is called shea butter is gotten from the shea nuts, which has been used by mostly west africans like Nigerians, Ghanaians, Ivorians and many more to treat their skins, giving it its glow and beauty.

Shea butter moisturizes, protects and softens the skin. This paste has also been used by the culinary and cosmetic industry.

It is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, F and latex. And also, it is rich in minerals like zinc, potassium and magnesium.

Age and our daily exposure to nature’s aggressive conditions put our skins under too much pressure. The benefits and uses of shea butter to these problems are as follows.


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Restores The Skin’s Elasticity 

Shea butter moisturizes, softens, protects and nourishes the skin. It fights against dehydration and helps to keep the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. This is as a result of the paste’s richness in vitamin F, which is a very important element of the cell. Add shea butter in your bathing water directly, it leaves your skin feeling soft.

Fights Against Dry Skin 

Shea butter is good food for our body. It is very good against dry skin, especially in harmattan seasons. It keeps the body excessively nourished. Massage your body with shea butter to give it that healthy look.

Fights The Aging of The Skin 

If you always use shea butter, you are in the long run fighting against aging. It has been known to have anti-aging agents. Also, it stimulates the youth protein of the skin. It contains vitamin A and E which nourishes and softens the skin. Apply shea butter morning and evening to stay young for a long time.

Delays Wrinkles 

Shea butter is excellent for facial treatments. It helps us to stay wrinkle-free as we get older through its nutrients like vitamin F which helps us stay nourished, moisturized and restores elasticity to our skin. It also promotes promotes cell replenishing and softening of the of the dermis.

Prevents The Formation Stretch Marks 

Most at times, when we gain weight, our skin tends to have stretch marks. Shea butter moisturizes and tones the skin naturally.

Apply shea butter on your skin in circular motions. Especially on your breasts, belly, hip and buttocksit promotes the elasticity of the epidermis and effectively fights against stretch marks.

Protects Babies Skins 

African mothers have always used shea butter to fight against several irritations and  redness of the skin for babies. Apply on the buttocks of babies after bath, it helps prevents irritation from diapers and loose stools.

Hair Moisturizer 

Vitamin A and E which is considered as hair food, is abundant in shea butter. Shea butter moisturizes and regenerates hair. It restructures the capillary structure, bringing softness, shine and volume. Lavishly massage the hair with shea butter from the tips to the roots. Be sure to do this at least twice a week for effectiveness.

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