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Timothy Sykes is a stock dealer, penny stock master, business person and an independent tycoon. 

He jumps at the chance to present in his orange Lamborghini, fly in personal jets and remain in presidential suites. Be that as it may, he isn’t simply one more affluent representative. He didn’t acquire his fortune in an acclaimed trade by exchanging supplies of goliath organizations. 

In contrast to numerous others, he urges individuals to emulate his example, and doesn’t keep his riches and privileged insights to himself. 

An incredible inverse! 

timothy sykes net worth

How much is Timothy Sykes worth?

Net Worth$15 Million
Date of Birth15 April 1981 (age 38 years)
ProfessionPenny Stock Trader
Last Updated2019

Timothy Sykes’ net worth is evaluated to be $15 million starting in 2019, and would you be able to accept he constructed an enormous amount of this exclusively through penny stocks? 

I Dreamed a Dream 

Sykes longed for being a tennis player, however damage kept him from making a profession out of it. 

For reasons unknown, this was to improve things. His life changed when he utilized his Bar Mitzvah blessing cash to start exchanging penny stocks while still in school. He sure astonished his folks who thought he would lose everything. 

Rather, he earned $100,000 over an end of the week and took his whole school quarters to supper. This was anyway just the start, as he needed to be considerably more than a basic grounds big name. 

He turned into a mogul by the age of 22, and began a fence investments during his senior year. No big surprise he skirted a few classes and missed his graduation day. 

Apples and Oranges 

What makes his prosperity so amazing is the way that he pulled it off by exchanging modest and unpredictable stocks. Called penny stocks, they are sold over the counter, not a trade. 

You won’t discover any offers from Apple and Google here, just mysterious little organizations with a questionable present and a dark future. 

All things considered, on the off chance that they hit enormous, their worth pairs or triples in only days, even hours. Likewise, it helps that there is little challenge here. 

The huge fish don’t stay in these sloppy waters, and the little ones that do, wrongly see penny stocks as lottery tickets. However, one man knew better. 

He would not like to bet, yet to work together. He did the exploration and figured out how to discover beneficial stocks despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. Tim likes to state that you should be snappy and have a finger on the trigger. The lucky opening endures just a couple of days, so delay isn’t a choice. 

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

The best thing about progress is that it very well may be infectious. Some will keep their enchantment equation a secret forever, however not Tim Sykes. 

He shares his mysteries and needs to help other people figure out how to win their own fortune. He is all over Twitter, Facebook and other social and business systems getting the word out. 

His instructing business is effective to the point that it outperforms the cash he makes on stock exchanging. He is a money related extremist and teacher with numerous understudies the world over. Huge numbers of them are as of now effective merchants in their own right. 

He made Profit.ly, a network of more than 60,000 merchants sharing their data, tips and stories. Thousands more get his email tips, pamphlet and access to video exercises. 

Everyone appears to need a bit of Tim, and to discover which stock he is taking a gander at right now. 

Anyway, how has he utilized all his cash other than costly autos and houses? All things considered, as any astute man would. He made a trip to in excess of 80 nations around the globe to meet effective and moving individuals. 

Regardless of what number of prizes and approval you win, you can generally improve in the event that you chip away at personal development. Tim obviously know this very well indeed.

House of Solid Cards

When life deals you an average hand of cards, you can whine for better ones.

Or you can make the most of the ones you have. Trading in penny stocks many seem as being a gamble, but the one who will ultimately win a fortune is the businessman with a laptop at hand, tolerance for risk and an appetite for success. Go ahead, learn from the best and start making money now.

At last, you have someone to show you how.

Favorite Timothy Sykes Quotes

“Studying the past, seeing what worked before, because then you can be better prepared for the present and you can get wealthier in the future.” – Timothy Sykes

“You can learn and you can make money from anywhere in the world. Learn what you love and focus on it.” – Timothy Sykes

“Don’t work for somebody else’s dream. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, we all learn.” – Timothy Sykes


Timothy Sykes has become an ultra successful stock trader, and has earned millions all through penny stocks! In 2019, Timothy Sykes’ net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

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