Top 10 Animals that are at the verge of extinction

3. Saola

They were discovered just the other day in the year 1992. And, they are already on the edge of being extinct, with populations predictable to be as low as only a few dozen. They are being threatened mainly by habitat loss and hunting. Soala look like antelopes with two black horns that are long and smooth that are parallel and are curved backward a little. Their horns can grow up to 50cm long. They have white patches on the cheeks, lips and the chin. They exist in Vietnam and Laos.

The biggest risk to the saolas is hunting done for their meat and horns that are used as trophies. Villagers set traps that catch these saolas. Another threat is habitat loss because humans are clearing forests for infrastructure and agriculture and this is the home for these saolas. WWF has have been involved with the protection of the saola thus reinforcing and creating protected areas and working on research, community centered forest controlling, capacity building, and strengthening law implementation.