Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas

It is important to identify your bouquet and centerpiece choices before meeting your florist or floral designer. People have different tastes when it comes to color, fragrance, how rare a flower is, how common, the scent etc. Flowers also plays a very important role in the theme of the wedding and for that reason care is needed while choosing of flowers to use in the wedding. The list below gives you the flowers ideas available today.

List of Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas in 2017

10. Sweet pea

Sweet pea Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers Ideas 2017

These flowers are old fashioned but mostly used flowers in weddings. The colors range from while, pink to dark purple and they unleash a lovable scent. They are believed t signify lasting pleasure. If your theme contains colors that can blend in with those colors, you definitely got no excuse as to why you can’t incorporate them in your wedding flowers ideas. It is so good in the bouquets for the bride and her maids.

9. Gardenia

Gardenia Top Most Wedding Flowers Ideas 2017

These lovely flowers can be used in different ways in weddings. Gardenias can be made into a bouquet for the bride or even her house cleaners, and it can be tucked into a flower bowl and used as a centerpiece. Gardenias produce a strong but lovely scent and this is what attracted its founder. They took it home as a souvenir. They have very delicate petals and so should be handled by an expert to maintain their lovely look with no bruises. A nicely blossomed Gardenia can also be used as a hair accessory. These flowers are available and affordable. Make this an idea for your wedding floral arrangements, with the help f your floral designer.

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