Top 10 Most Destructive Tsunamis in History

9. 1755 Lisbon Tsunami

1755 Lisbon Tsunami

The 1755 Lisbon earthquake is also known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake and the Disaster at Lisbon. The earthquake occurred in the Kingom of Portugal on November 1st of 1755. It’s estimated that the magnitude of the earthquake reached 9.0 on the magnitude scale.
When the earthquake occurred, people felt 3 distinct shocks. The second one was a lot stronger than the first and it sent buildings toppling down. The earthquake caused fires to break out that resulted in people burning to death after not being able to escape.

Exactly 40 minutes after the earthquake, an enormous tsunami wave engulfed the area. Three massive tsunami waves destroyed several towns, and some of the waves were almost 30 meters high. It was one of the most destructive earthquake and tsunami known in history to this day that resulted in the death of 70,00 in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

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