Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

Many individuals who swear that they have found the key to by and large satisfaction guarantee that it has nothing to do with cash. There is an unfathomably high shot that you have heard the expression, “Cash can’t purchase bliss,” sooner or later in your life. It is one of the most widely recognized prosaisms to ever exist, and keeping in mind that there is a fact behind this sweeping proclamation, there is additionally a boatload of proof that shows cash can lead you to feel more joyful by and large. 

top 10 richest countries in the world

The explanation for this counterargument is that a ton of negative emotions and circumstances emerge from a not exactly perfect financial standing. At the point when your FICO assessment is low because of unpaid Mastercard balances, you can be kept from renting a vehicle, buying a home, or leasing a condo, in addition to other things. The capacity to accommodate yourself on an richest level, or even to purchase the minimum essentials people need so as to get by, can be seriously affected by your fiscal undertakings. 

Everything on the planet costs cash, and there truly is no special case to such a strong case. Individuals rush to counter with the thought that you can’t purchase encounters or recollections, yet the reality of the situation is that you have to have a wellspring of funds so as to go anyplace and experience new societies, places, or some other travel-related undertaking at all. 

You can make recollections doing things that don’t require cash, however the alternatives are horrendously restricted and you can just make a similar memory of hanging out in your patio before it ends up dull and not worth putting away in your long haul memory. While it isn’t really evident that richer individuals are more joyful, they are undeniably progressively equipped for paying for anything they need and forestalling any pressure, nervousness, or burdensome manifestations coming about because of a powerlessness to manage the cost of something you need. 

By taking a gander at the GDP per capita, or total national output per capita, of every nation around the world, it is conceivable to rank country dependent on riches and after that contrast them with one another. From that point, you can figure out which country are richer and afterward list the country in slipping request, from the richest to least fortunate. Here is the decisive rundown of the main fifty-five richest countries on the planet, beginning with the richest countries… 

  1. Luxembourg (GDP per capita: $119,719) 
  2. Norway (GDP per capita: $86,362) 
  3. Switzerland (GDP per capita: $83,832) 
  4. Ireland (GDP per capita: $81,477) 
  5. Iceland (GDP per capita: $78,181) 
  6. Qatar (GDP per capita: $65,062) 
  7. The United States of America (GDP per capita: $64,906) 
  8. Denmark (GDP per capita: $63,434) 
  9. Singapore (GDP per capita: $62,690) 
  10. Australia (GDP per capita: $58,824) 
  11. Sweden (GDP per capita: $57,945) 
  12. The Netherlands (GDP per capita: $56,415) 
  13. Austria (GDP per capita: $54,606) 
  14. Finland (GDP per capita: $52,320) 
  15. Germany (GDP per capita: $51,642) 
  16. Hong Kong (GDP per capita: $50,216) 
  17. Belgium (GDP per capita: $49,095) 
  18. Canada (GDP per capita: $48,604) 
  19. France (GDP per capita: $45,586) 
  20. The United Kingdom (GDP per capita: $45,491) 
  21. Japan (GDP per capita: $41,834) 
  22. The United Arab Emirates (GDP per capita: $38,961) 
  23. Italy (GDP per capita: $36,061) 
  24. Korea (GDP per capita: $33,495) 
  25. Spain (GDP per capita: $33,151) 
  26. Puerto Rico (GDP per capita: $32,705) 
  27. Malta (GDP per capita: $32,130) 
  28. Brunei (GDP per capita: $30,297) 
  29. Cyprus (GDP per capita: $29,224) 
  30. Kuwait (GDP per capita: $28,394) 
  31. Slovenia (GDP per capita: $28,247) 
  32. Taiwan (GDP per capita: $26,309) 
  33. Bahrain (GDP per capita: $26,083) 
  34. The Czech Republic (GDP per capita: $25,468) 
  35. Portugal (GDP per capita: $24,312) 
  36. Estonia (GDP per capita: $24,043) 
  37. Saudi Arabia (GDP per capita: $22,368) 
  38. Slovakia (GDP per capita: $21,278) 
  39. Greece (GDP per capita: $21,274) 
  40. Lithuania (GDP per capita: $20,644) 
  41. Latvia (GDP per capita: $18,861) 
  42. Trinidad and Tobago (GDP per capita: $18,018) 
  43. Uruguay (GDP per capita: $17,772) 
  44. Oman (GDP per capita: $17,668) 
  45. Chile (GDP per capita: $16,914) 
  46. Hungary (GDP per capita: $16,852) 
  47. Poland (GDP per capita: $16,782) 
  48. Panama (GDP per capita: $16,576) 
  49. Croatia (GDP per capita: $15,878) 
  50. Romania (GDP per capita: $13,229) 

Area is a noteworthy primary player in the general abundance of a nation. Underdeveloped nations in Asia, for instance, don’t rank very well when GDP is the variable in thought. On the off chance that entrance to specific things and necessities is confined, at that point individuals are as of now working with a solid weakness. Spots that are not war-hit or officially troubled with a not exactly perfect economy are not set up to do well in the challenge of gross residential items between nations. 

This is the reason, when taking a gander at the rundown of the top 10 richest countries on the planet, you’ll see that spots where exchange or gigantic generation is a principle wellspring of salary rank higher on the rundown. The less fortunate nations are less engaged with worldwide exchanging, and they are progressively autonomous as in their immediate contribution in global undertakings is lesser than the richer country. This is on the grounds that cash and influence are so normally intertwined, which adds to the general riches and GDP of a nation. 

For this talk, attempt to concentrate more on the measurements in regards to riches around the globe as opposed to if wealth are essential so as to make an incredible most. There are five nations specifically that are viewed as the top 10 richest countries on the planet, and we are going to discuss every one. We should begin! 

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World


The European nation of Luxembourg has been grouped and characterized as the richest countries on the planet. The discoveries depend on the total national output estimations of the nations. The GDP is determined by partitioning the all out GDP of the nation by the populace size, and from that point, you’ll end up with the GDP esteem per capita inside a nation. 

The GDP esteem per capita of a nation is a magnificent method for estimating the abundance of a nation since it considers the way of life. By taking the GDP of a nation and contrasting it with the GDP of another nation, you’ll have the option to precisely figure out which nation is richer than another, with a couple of different elements being contemplated too. 

Taking a gander at Luxembourg specifically, the GDP of the nation in 2017 was 107,053 USD. In 2019, the nation’s GDP expanded to 119,719 USD. 



The GDP of Norway positions as the second biggest on the planet. In 2017, Norway’s GDP enlisted as 74,571 USD. After two years, in 2019, the country encountered an uplifted bounce to a GDP estimation of 86,362 USD. 



Switzerland is one more European country that made the rundown of top five richest countries dependent on GDP per capita. The GDP of Switzerland is as of now 83,833 USD. This is a lot higher than the GDP of Switzerland in 2017, which was enlisted as being 80,069 USD. 



The GDP of Ireland is 81,477 USD. Contrasted with the GDP of the country in 2017, the present Irish GDP is almost 11,000 USD more noteworthy than it was. For reference, Ireland’s GDP in 2017 was 70,220 USD. 



The European country of Iceland has a present GDP of 78,181 USD. Two years earlier, Iceland was archived as having a GDP of 73,529 USD.

 Richest Countries In The World by Population 2019

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