Top Cities With The Most Attractive Women In The World

Top Cities With The Most Attractive Women In The World: The world sometimes seems like a small place, but you wont believe how much of it is inhabited with beautiful and attractive women. Whether you’re planning your next big vacation or just like a bit of geography, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of cities across the globe that are home to the most stunning and attractive women in the world! Enjoy!

Copenhagen, Denmark

denmark girl

They’re built with elegance, strength and finesse, and we’re not talking about Copenhagen’s marvels of architecture! Descended from the Viking warriors of old, Danish girls can be brutal in bed, but unlike their Nordic ancestors, they’re also gentle and civilized…when they want to be. If you want a little sampling of how good a Dane might taste, just Google its famous beauties like Helena Christensen, super model and Miss Denmark for 1986; Brigitte Nielsen, actress and model; and Caroline Wozniacki, professional tennis player, a former World No. 1 on the WTA Tour. Impressive, huh?

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