World’s 10 Top Selling Brands, Clothing and Accessories

Below are the top selling brands, it is a branded world. This is something I had been denying myself for the past couple of years but time made me realize that nowadays even pampers are branded. Even if what kids do in them doesn’t changes with their name. Poop isn’t branded, but what you do it in is- hence a branded pampy pack sells better than a non-branded one. Sometimes there definitely is value for money in what you buy but that is for the bourgeois like us.

For the rich folk, brands are not a luxury rather a necessity. Did you know that high end fashion brands are a recession proof market? That is because the people who buy them have to buy them. They are the makers of recession and remain to the very extent least affected by it.  We wouldn’t be able to buy their bag even in times of economic boom to be honest, because it costs as much as our car but we still like to oggle at the precious pieces stacked in windows and on shelves of high end stores. We have compiled a list of ten top selling brands, clothing and accessories in the world. You will be familiar with all the names at least to the extent of banners and billboards. (like us!)

10. Armani

armani resort 2017

The brand value of the company known for its high standards is about 3.1 billion USD. They provide flawless tailoring and amazing designs. The most expensive clothing under this brand comes under the name Emporio. They also make accessories like bags, belts, glasses, shoes and scarves. Should you feel like treating yourself to some luxury, their fabric definitely falls under that category.