10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Trump Family

#1- Fred Trump Jr.

What most people do not realize is that Donald Trump was not the only child, he has two sisters and two brothers as well. His older sister Marianne is a Senior Judge of the United States Court of appeals. His younger brother Robert is a retired real estate developer and currently serves under the board of directors for Zenimax Media. And, the younger sister Elizabeth works in the banking industry.

It was his older brother Fred Jr who had the deepest impact on Trump’s life. He was a pilot who married a flight attendant, also a domestic maid. He was not as ambitious as his father and brothers, but often regarded as a disappointment, which resulted in conflicts. The constant struggle for acceptance led Freddy down to the wrong path and he became an alcoholic in his 20’s. He succumbed to his addiction in the 1981 and died at an age of 42 which led Trump to abstain from alcohol himself. Trump strongly discourages his own children from indulging as he watched his brother suffer.


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