15 Instagram Stars Who Got Rich By Being Hot

These days, success is more often than not based on the number of followers you have on social media. With Twitter and Instagram at the forefront of how we communicate, is it any wonder that these websites can also make superstars out of their users?

If you’ve got a beautiful face, tons of sex appeal and a savvy business mind, you can create yourself an empire all at the click of a button. We all know at least one star who isn’t really famous for anything in particular, but regardless, they’ve got millions of followers. When it comes down to it, these buxom beauties are just famous for being really, really hot – and it’s made them more cash than you can shake a stick at. They’ve taken their God given assets and ran with it – and who can blame them? If you were one tenth as desirable, wouldn’t you do the same?

But don’t be fooled – these gorgeous ladies are more than just pretty faces. It takes a lot of business acumen to make a career out of being Insta-famous. Let’s have a good stalk at some photos and give these beauties credit where credit is due. Get ready to take some screengrabs and be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor. Welcome to 15 Instagram Stars Who Got Rich By Being Hot.


If you like them Swedish, blonde and with a perfectly sculpted derriere, then look no further. Fitness guru Anna Nystrom boasts 4.7 million followers and gives her fans plenty to look at and admire. From belfie shots to cute snaps, her long blonde flowing locks and teeny tiny dog, Nystrom boasts an Instagram aesthetic most of us can only dream about. Anna regularly updates so don’t worry, you won’t miss a beat of her exercise regime, workout tips or travel updates. What are you waiting for? Hit follow now! You won’t regret it, with this ray of sunshine brightening up your dreary feed.