20 Traits That Brings Out The Grace In A Woman



I never really realized the actual moment when I entered in to womanhood but I did realize it wasn’t just a phase really. I grow as a woman each day, trying to be better. While I was busy growing up I found that being a graceful woman is a bit of an effort, to some it may come naturally while to the others it takes a few turns before they succeed. The grace of a woman can be found in many things either physical aspects or her intellectual. Marilyn Monroe’s grace was found in her sexuality, Coco Channel carried it in a black dress while Lady Diana in her perfect golden locks. Grace is something you succeed in pulling off either with or without effort and when you do the particular aspect seems to be designed particularly for you.

Here is the list of things I find attached to a woman’s grace


Anthropologie polka dot dress and essie red nail polish1

Not every woman can pull of a red lipstick but I believe there is a right shade of red lipstick for every woman whereas pulling of the grace with red nail polish is found in most of us. The red gives us power like nothing else.


little black dress top vintage asos glitter boots furla bag 2

Too easy but works every time, every woman has that little black dress which brings out the right kind of intimacy in her. No matter what are the details of your black dress but it fits you right on the grace area.