15 Dumbest Things Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Posted On Social Media

14. Fit Tea Endorsement

So it makes sense that Danielle will do everything she can to make some money on her fifteen minutes of fame. While that’s a given, we’d at least hope that her managers would at least be a little more creative. In a recent Instagram video, she posts a quick video of her perched on her kitchen cabinet wearing the same loungewear she always wears, chewing gum and “demanding” that people use Fit Tea. I’m not sure who should be more ashamed, Danielle for sinking to that level of shameless promotion, or Fit Tea for thinking she’d be a good endorser. Someone at least needs to find better products for her to endorse, because this doesn’t even come close to realistic. I guess when you have a verified Instagram account, you’ve got to make the most of your followers.

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